Which Locks is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Approved?

locksmith blogThe Transportation Security Administration or TSA in the United States has specific and stringent regulations pertaining to luggage or baggage locks. The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for the safety of all passengers and crews, the flights and also the ground infrastructure.

To do their job TSA personnel need to open and access any luggage they want to or any baggage that is suspicious, in the presence or absence of the owner or passenger. Any lock that cannot be opened by the TSA personnel will have to be broken or forcibly removed. This may cause damage to the luggage or suitcases and will certainly damage the lock.

Hence, TSA has regulatory guidelines that approve certain locks to be used aboard flights and other transportations under its administration. TSA approved locks can be accessed by the personnel, the locks can be opened with a master or universal key and then it can be relocked, without damaging the luggage or the lock. There are many TSA approved locks available on the market.

  • Triple lockdown lock is TSA approved. Triple lockdown lock is specifically designed to thwart off any attempts by thieves and criminals. They cannot tamper with the locks and hence the contents of the luggage. Such locks can be used with zippered baggage. Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock is an example of this design. It is considered as a safe and effective TSA approved lock.
  • Search Alert TSA Lock is another fitting choice. It will not only allow the TSA to access your luggage when you are not present but the person can do so with ease using their official tool. The lock on its part has an indicator that changes to red from green notifying you of the fact that TSA has accessed your bag. You can then check all your possessions and report if anything is amiss. The notification feature is helpful as you get to know that your bag has been accessed and that it was TSA that had accessed it.
  • TSA Flexible Cable Lock is made of metal coated with rubber and there is a flexible cable made of steel. The lock is quite unique because the cable is flexible enough to conveniently pass through the zipper hole.
  • Pacsafe Strapsafe 100 TSA Strap is similar to the Search Alert TSA Lock. It can be accessed by TSA personnel without your presence, without damaging the lock or your luggage and there is an indicator notifying you that TSA had accessed your bags.